Camera Studio  mod for Minecraft



This mod remains the exclusive property of Sushen, referred here as The Owner, and is granted for free.
You have the right to use this mod, write reviews on it, and make video using it.
If you publish a video using this mod on a video hosting site (such as Youtube, or Dailymotion ..), you must put a direct link leading to this post in the video description.
You cannot reuse the content of this mod in other packs, or modify its content.
You cannot redistribute this mod or its content without a written agreement of The Owner.
The only legal links to download this mod are the ones provided in this post.



By downloading this mod, you implicitly agree with the license terms.

Version Minecraft Download link Usage
2.18 1.8 CameraStudioV2.18.BETA(mc1.8).zip Vanilla & Forge
2.1710 1.7.10 CameraStudioV2.1710(mc1.7.10).zip Vanilla & Forge
2.172 1.7.2 CameraStudioV2.172(mc1.7.2).zip Vanilla & Forge
2.164 1.6.4 CameraStudioV2.164(mc1.6.4).zip Vanilla & Forge

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